Gu, Q., Dillon, C.F., Burt, V.L. 201. Approved drug incorporate continues to boost U.S. approved drug information of 2007200 NCHS information quick, no 4 Hyattsville, MD nationwide focus of fitness stats. Medical reports after people plus medical results implicate antidepressants, such as Zoloft, in many severe and even lethal side effects. On the list of dangerous effects of antidepressants that have come to light could be the likely chance of autism at a young child, centered on the July 2011 CNN report. A Study performed simply by Lisa Croen, Ph.D., manager to autism study in Kaiser Permanente Northern Ca, discovered that infants who had been exposed to antidepressants through the 1st trimester of the mothers maternity are more or less four circumstances that prone to develop a disorder on autism range ASD versus those who were not uncovered.